Auro Liquid Gold Minerals For Your SPA and Hot Tub

Spas/Hot Tubs – Create your own healing hot spring and keep your spa/hot tub crystal clear, free from any pathogens and toxins, no foul odor or rotting of the water inside for up to 9 months with just one treatment/application of our Mineral Spa product at Mineral Spa Hot Tub – Chemical Free – Complete Start-Up Kit – Clarity for Spas: Natural Hot Tub Water Treatment | Chlorine Free [Official]

Convert from Chlorine or Bromine to the all-natural Mineral Spa and enjoy a hot spring in your back yard.

Turn your hot tub into a natural hot spring with all the detoxing benefits of our Mineral Spa Hot Tub complete Chlorine-free Start-Up Kit. This kit available at includes everything you need to convert your hot tub to a natural water treatment from chlorine or bromine. You do not need this kit if you are reordering more Mineral Spa for your hot tub or if you are converting from Natural Spa to Mineral Spa.

Also use in your Fish Aquariums
Fish Aquariums/Aqua Culture – Creates the healthiest water possible for your aquatic creature in which they will love and thrive in, significantly reduces the frequency for changing out the water in their tank (creates crystal clear water within a few hours (significantly reduces the turbidity or cloudiness in water, nitrates, ammonia, anaerobic bacteria and pathogens, increases size and lifespan of aquatic life.

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