Auro Liquid Gold Healthy Mineral Water

Auro Liquid Gold Mineral Water

Auro Mineral Water

Auro Liquid Gold (silicate Sulfate ionic trace minerals) allows us to create purified, pristine, highly oxygenated, super hydrating, living mineral spring anywhere from any fresh water source with in seconds.

Simply add the Auro Liquid Gold minerals to your water or any water based drink, ie. (coffee, tea, juices, etc.), with just a few drops per cup, and be rest assured that you are purifying or rendering inert more harmful pathogens and toxic chemicals than any other filtration device on the market today (250+). Plus if you are using a filter most of these harmful dissolved contaminants that are lurking in our water are just passing through the filter into your drinking water which you are consuming.

On top of that, The Auro Liquid Gold converts your dead water (tab, bottled, R.O., distilled, etc.) into living water that is 34% more hydrating than purified water.

Intracellular vs Extracellular Water (4th Phase Water). Feel, taste and see the difference in the quality of your drinking water by using these all natural, volcanic, magnetically charged water purifying, correcting and restoring minerals that are symbiotic with all water in nature and are responsible for keeping our our waters pristine, oxygenated, fresh and in harmony with it’s living ecosystem where life will thrive!

This is Natures Technology that we are able to mimic through a proprietary process (Volcanic Technology) to extract these precious ionic minerals. When it comes to a lot of things, especially our water, nature has always had the answers and always will! We are in the most mineral deficient times that we have ever seen and all life on earth is exponentially showing more symptoms everywhere we look as a result.

With  Auro Liquid Gold you will also be receiving up to 102 very important ionic trace minerals that are not in our diets today. They are supposed to be in our diets to maximize all cellular catalytic and enzymatic functions for all fresh water creatures (plant and animals alike). These minerals are an exact match for the human genome and you will feel the difference when start to drink this water!

Auro Lab Tests

Auro water purifier works and you can review our lab tests here to see the results.


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