Auro Liquid Gold Clean Water

“Staying hydrated can boost your immune health says Julia Zumpano, RD, LD, of the Cleveland Clinic. Water helps your body produce lymph, which carries white blood cells and other immune system cells. Try to avoid overdoing beverages that can made you dehydrated, like coffee. Or try eating more hydrating foods, such as cucumbers, celery or watermelon.”

Our mission and message to everyone over the years has always been to educate others on the importance of these essential trace minerals in Auro Liquid Gold to achieve proper health for all life and for their natural ability to purify and restore any fresh water back to its purest natural living state. Minerals come in many different forms both healthy and toxic depending on what they are attached to (form of minerals/chemical composition), what state they are in (Colloidal vs Ionic), and matrix (minerals need complimenting minerals to be utilized by living organisms/The Mineral Wheel). Minerals in nature never exist by themselves and we are meant to consume over 100 trace minerals in their proper form, state and matrix as part of our daily diets to maintain proper health. Consuming the correct minerals is essential for the smallest parts of the engine (our bodies) to receive the tools that are necessary for the rest of the engine to follow along, work properly and stay clean and in healthy vibrant state. These minerals are supposed to be in our diets today but, unfortunately, due to man’s destructive practices to our Earth we are only getting a small fraction of these proper minerals in our diets today, even in organic foods. That is why we turn to nature for the answers! Nature has always had the answers and always will especially when it comes to the health and state of our waters.

We are in the most mineral deficient and most toxic times/environment that we have ever experienced, and it is exponentially getting worse by the day. Our water, soil air and food are being manipulated to such a degree that these symptoms are clearly present and will only increase as most these ionic minerals and living water are more and more scarce throughout are precious Earth and all life, including us. Again, these minerals should be present to promote a healthy, balanced, vibrant state. Ionic minerals are the spark that allows for proper cellular/enzymatic/metabolic functions to occur in all life (plants and animals alike) and they are also the catalyst to draw in the good to the cells while acting the garbage collectors to draw out the toxins, pathogens and waste that we are accumulating and holding onto. We are sponges that collect all these potentially harmful substances, but we don’t have a way to release without the proper minerals! In fact, it is physiologically impossible for these functions to occur without the proper minerals in all living creatures.

The Auro Liquid Gold Solution allows you to get the cleanest and healthiest fresh water anywhere with just a few drops added to any fresh water. Do not be caught in a situation where you cannot get clean water for survival but above and beyond that we should be drinking enough of this water daily to receive the most benefits that it offers! The water is the delivery method for all of this to occur. This should be part of your daily regiment for good health and based on the information above should be the first and foremost product that you should have before looking into nutritional supplements or nutrition in general to draw in all those expensive supplements making them much more bioavailable for our bodies on the cellular level and to allow the release of the waste that we are all exposed to and holding on to because we don’t have these essential trace minerals in our diet today.

This is not a most definitely not a ploy to try to take advantage of the situation at hand that we are all faced with today but rather a chance and opportunity to stock up now on what we believe is the most important product of our times. Feel the difference when drinking the Auro water and protect you and your loved ones by having this most important product on hand for daily and/or survival use. Having the ability to get the purest healthiest water from any fresh water source at any time without the use of electricity is huge! Without clean water to consume we are in trouble. Don’t be caught in that situation! Get your Auro Solution today and be rest assured that you will always have access to clean healthy water and the life-giving minerals that are not present in our diets today.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the benefits of Auro Liquid Gold, please don’t hesitate to contact us either by phone or email. We hope and pray that everyone stays safe and healthy during these uncertain times and thank you for pursuit to acquire good health!

Auro Liquid Gold Water Purification products effectively remove or significantly reduce the following drinking water contaminants:

Backed by EPA Certified Lab Tests: