Auro Liquid Gold Clean Water

Message from GardyB – Founder of Auro Solutions

This is the time to stock up now on the Auro Minerals!  This solution is truly amazing and a gift for us to rejuvenate our fresh waters back to their pristine, structured living state that is actually healthy for us! We are simply using Nature’s Technology to achieve this and Nature has always had the answers and always will, especially when it comes to water and minerals!

It has been over fifteen years now and I am thankful everyday that that I have these minerals/living water in our families life! We do not drink any water or anything water based (coffee, tea, juices, etc.) without our Auro minerals and the peace of mind that we are destroying all the bad stuff in the water and restoring it back to it’s natural living state that is much more hydrating and life giving!

Minerals are there for two main functions for all living organisms. That is all enzymatic and catalytic functions for plants and animals alike. Minerals are the spark to ignite enzymatic functions in all systems of all organisms, including ourselves. Minerals are the transporters for nutrients to enter into the cell and they are also the transporters which release the toxins out of the cell (the garbage collectors)! It is physiologically impossible for these basic functions to occur in all living organisms with out the proper minerals in their proper ionic living charged state. The Auro minerals are in the same form that is found in our fresh waters, our soil and supposed to be in our produce that we consume today.