Aqua Culture

Auro Aqua Culture Treatment and Benefits

The Auro solution is made up of non-toxic natural ionic sulfate minerals, which are present in all of our natural bodies of water throughout the world. These mineral salts are responsible for keeping our waters fresh, oxygenated and clean. All life on earth depends on these minerals for basic cellular functions to occur. In the case of Aquaculture for ponds, tanks and aquariums these minerals will give you the best water possible for your fish. Using the Auro Solution to purify your water enhances the growth, development and overall health of fish. Testing conducted in independent laboratories and commercial size cultivation plants have confirmed the Auro Soution to be a superior treatment not just for disinfection, but also for stocking, nursing, live fish delivery, processing and retaining freshness.


Auro Solution Benefits For Fisheries Include:

  • Oxygenates Water
  • Promotes respiration, preventing disease and/or healing of the fish
  • Controls PH/PH becomes stable around 6 to 6.7
  • Improves feeding conditions substantially enhancing fish growth (Density of stocked fish is 30% higher than in conventional cases and yet no water changing is required for up to 6 months, resulting in water, fuel, electricity and labor cost savings.
  • Maintains the rate of salinity
  • Increases the growth of the hydrophytes, which block the growth of toxic algae
  • Removes suspended substances, such as residual feed, excrements, dissolved organic substances (Nitrates, phosphates, etc.)
  • Mummifies dead fish bodies, as they are, so they will not decompose even if blood is not drawn, insides are not removed and salt is not applied.
  • It should be mentioned that with Auro Solution treatment, the removal of water pollution substances is almost perfect.